Monday, May 3, 2010

Strange Voices From the Abyss: The Opening!

The opening for Strange Voices From the Abyss was held on Saturday night at Venti's Cafe. We had over 60 people attend! (And we have sold five paintings as of this afternoon.) Thank you to our many supporters who turned out to party with us and celebrate the accomplishment of Destree and I creating 19 pieces of art. At first I thought I would try and identify who was who in the photos, but instead, I'm just going to post way too many photographs in a random fashion so you can get a flavor for the evening.

Post Script:

Destree made a beautiful guest book, which will be left at Venti's for the duration of the show. She had us each write thank yous on the first page, left lots of room for comments, and then at the end we attached some of the notes we wrote to each other back and forth when we were working on the pieces separately.

Sweet Destree handed me a lovely little gift during our show - a card with an image of a Jasper Johns painting (one of our inspirations) and a beautiful necklace that I had coveted earlier in the day at our local Saturday Market!

And finally, thank you to the following:

Howard, Destree, Champ, Olivia, Deven, Derek, Cathy, Paul, Michele, Sam, Stewart, Cindy, Jasmine, Skeeter, Jill, Nayla, Jill, Ron, Kathleen, Kathleen's friend from the coast, Joanne, Susan, Robert, Carol, Bobbie, Stan, Sandra, Sue, Steph, Nicole, Tory, Mike, Amy, Jackson, Emmett, Candace, Candace's husband, Cindy, Cindy's husband, Alicia, Jeremiah, Max, Theresa, Jami, Beth, the two teachers from Bush School, Pat, Pat's wife, Tasha, the cute family of four, the guy in the white sweat shirt, and several of Destree's work mates.

Whew! Not sure if I got everyone, but enough to shout out: THANK YOU FOR COMING!


Kelly's Video Blog said...

Being there in spirit was not enough... I needed the pictures! Thanks for the great post! Everything about the night looks beautiful! The art, the room.... and you two ladies are absolutely radiant. You can tell you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing. Love it!

Paula McNamee said...

Congratulations, Dayna, on your show and thank you for sharing all the photos. I hope you both do really well- all your paintings look great on the brick and deep colored walls.

vicki said...

oh dayna, what a wonderful show! what a perfect venue to show off yours and destree's work! what fun, what inspiration! congrats! congrats!

Tory Brokenshire said...

That was a GREAT opening! Wonderful photos it was fun seeing them all.

Bobbie said...

My wall has been cleared.....awaiting its' arrival!