Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love is Afloat!

As some of you know, we live part-time in Portland on a boat called Rapture. Well, on Sunday afternoon Rapture became a party boat when my friend Susan arranged for us to take our friend Jill out on a celebratory cruise - Jill is getting married at the end of the month. I met both Jill and Susan through my Artist's Way classes in Salem, and Susan has gone on to teach the Artist's Way in Corvallis, so the day definitely had a flavor of an Artist's Way event since there were several graduates on board (from either my classes or Susan's!). Since there were going to be at least 18 women on board for the afternoon, we invited Jill's betrothed to come along and keep Captain Howard company.

Howard telling 18 strong women that HE was in charge for the day (well, at least for a few hours)!

Captain Howard and Co-Captain Ron:

The beautiful couple!

Our day of visiting, relaxing, and Jill opening her gifts (and just a little bit of joyful crying).

Jill and Ron dance to a Christine Kane song.

The whole gang, er, crew!

And finally, the beautiful gift Jill gave to each of us:

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melanie said...

looks like a wonderful time was had by all...and sunny! wow- great day in Portland!