Thursday, November 5, 2009

We Can Only Hope to Continue

Black, white, and gray. No color, none whatsoever is allowed. This was a difficult piece for me. I'm not even sure why I entered the show, perhaps as a challenge. The show is an annual event sponsored by the Keizer Art Association and from what I've heard (and saw yesterday when I dropped off my piece), a very popular one. I'm not a black and white person. I'm a fiery red person, a garish orange kind of girl, a bright turquoise spirit. The whole time I was working on my piece I kept thinking where will I add color when I get the art back -- a red ball on top? A dab of turquoise in one of the smaller circles? Maybe Nikel Azo gold in one of the grooves. But then again, maybe not. We Can Only Hope to Continue, that's the name of my piece.

The artist's reception is Saturday, November 7th from 5:00-8:00 p.m. and the show will run through the month of November.


Kristi said...

'I'm a fiery red person, a garish orange kind of girl, a bright turquoise spirit.'--I like your self-description! Not knowing you REAL well, this is just how I see you. Red for passion, orange for spunk, and blue for a touch of calm.

May we ALL appreciate the colors of life more, after a short fast. Part of why I adore Oregon--grey winter days give way to emerald green springs, blue and gold summers, fiery orange pumpkin falls.

Carol Wiebe said...

This is an amazing piece, Dayna. So different, for you, as you say, but VERY effective.

The title shows that the spirit of this piece is one of somber reflection, and I don't mean that in a negative sense. It's a counterpoint to your usual fiery colors, and brings out a whole other part of your personality!