Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dayna Collins does . . . an art exchange!

Several weeks ago I was invited by one of my arty blog friends, Kim of Merlin's Musings (Kim lives in Australia!) to join in a mail art exchange. Well, I thought she meant mail art would be swapped around between artists, so I said yes. Lo and behold, it was actually a chain letter kind of affair. You know the kind. You receive a letter with two names and you send something to the person at the top of the list, then you move the second person's name to the top and invite six friends to join in. This swap was no different, but I figured I could find six friends who would want to play. So, I sent a little art piece to a woman who lives in Portland, moved Kim's name to the top, and invited six friends to join in (warning them in advance that it was really an artistic chain letter). If all went according to plan, I would receive 36 pieces of art. Well, I haven't received 36, but I have received more than I expected!

I thought it would be fun if I shared some of the things I have received (besides what I've pictured here, I also received some handmade greeting cards, a Christmas towel, and a lovely silken potpourri pouch).

From Barb Pearson in Canada, I received this adorable card and a pin she titled O, Canada.

From Candace (who I've been in an altered book swap with in the past), I received this very cool mandalaesque collage, which is mounted on wood and ready to hang.

My friend Bobbie sent the invitation letter to one of her relatives in South Dakota, who cross-stitched this sweet little Christmas ornament, although I like the idea of celebrating PEACE year round, so I've hung it in my studio as a gentle reminder.

Kathyanne White of Arizona sent this fabulous little hand bound journal with painted pages and beads galore.

Chris Bolmeier, of Omaha (where my son now lives!), sent several goodies in her package. Including this cool collage . . .

. . . . a pile of her colorful business cards . . .

. . . . and a couple of her personal cards.

This creative use of leather? vinyl? leatherette? pleather? was created by Deborah from Florida.

And last, but not least, I received an original poster, AN ORIGINAL, from Mary Anne Radmacher. If you aren't familiar with Mary Ann, well, you should be. This gift was kinda like getting something from a rock star!

It sure is fun getting mail these days.


Destree said...

What a wonderful haul! Still waiting for the chain to pay off for me...hello arty friends???? Have a great time in Omaha!

Karen D said...

Those are some great goodies you received!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dayna, Fooled you! Ancient Song is a paper quilt! Images printed on plain printer paper, collaged, sewn together, stacked in true quilt fashion with acrylic felt and a layer of fabric on the back, free motion quilted on the machine and coated with gel medium. The moon is another layer of paper and felt glued to the top.
Thanks so much for your kind note!
deb sims

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, I wrote the Haiku also!
deb sims

Carol Wiebe said...

I am so pleased with this offering you received . . . Deb and Chris were two people I sent notes to for the art exchange. And such a giggle I had over Deb's piece: she actually came over to my studio (from Florida), because she was interested in my Cracked Paper Quilt techniques, and brought over several quilts made using those techniques (with a few of her own thrown in) that were totally fabulous!!!

And yes, after the paper is covered with paint and medium, it is very "leather like."

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