Thursday, November 19, 2009

Homeward Bound - Aloha

Our Hawaiian vacation is coming to an end and Friday morning we will begin our journey home. I'm doing this final blog post from Kauai, tying up some loose ends and sharing our last couple of days.

A fun store, Bambulei, a mix of vintage and new.

We stumbled upon a great little vintage and thrift store on our way to a beach on the west coast.

Ahhh, tropical flavored shaved ice over vanilla ice cream . . . and a little tour of the north shore.

A fantastico dinner at Postcards Cafe in Hanelei.

This morning we woke to discover a Hawaiian Monk Seal on the beach just a short walk from our room. The seal slept on the beach for the entire day!

A lovely final day by the pool . . .

. . . . followed by a final meal at Cafe Coco!

The last of my beach treasures!


Anonymous said...

You brought back kukui nuts and coconut it, I grew up collecting on the beach, new treasures everyday,your trip looked lovely, to fun you saw Gloria, synchronicity.....we'll meet up again soon

gl. said...

nice sea treasures! love that bottle, especially.

Sadia Hussain said...

A wonderful tour and cool images ! Thanks for sharing .