Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rainbow Attic - I Now Have Six Feet!

Even while in Hawaii I hunt down junk and thrift stores, so while on Maui, I discovered a great consignment shop, Rainbow Attic in Kihei (check out the store's website just to listen to the sound of the lapping waves!). The store was a popular place and is open daily from 9-9.

I took a photo of this altar for my friend Stephanie. Hey Steph, it was only $500.

The store had some pretty cool stuff and I picked up a few things, but nothing as cool as the table I discovered at the back of the store. Of course, I knew I couldn't fly a table home, but it wasn't the table I was the legs of the table and the claw feet clutching glass balls. Oh yeah. We bought the table and once outside the store, Howard inspected the table to see what it would take to get the legs off. Back into the store he went to borrow some tools.

Ta da! And the legs fit catywampus in my suitcase. Good-bye Hawaii, hello Oregon.

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