Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Huliau - The Return Voyage

We had a great Monday on Kauai. Here are some glimpses of our tootling about the the Garden Island . . . everything from magnificent waterfalls, to chickens, to thrift stores, to a cemetery. It all culminated with meeting a very special couple . . .

Yes, way too many photos of chickens, but they're just so darn cute! And so darn everywhere.

The highlight of our day was meeting a wonderful, sweet-spirited couple, Iokepa Hanalei and Inette. Please check out their magical story at their website, Return Voyage. It's a great story, and amazingly, Inette is an author originally from Portland! To learn more about each of them personally, click here.

Aren't they beautiful? Inside and out.

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Amy said...

Great pictures! I love the chickens, it's amazing how many of them are just running around! Dare I ask what you had in mind when taking a picture of the shopping cart...spray paint and a lock? You both look amazing and tan! I miss you. Enjoy the rest of your trip.