Saturday, November 14, 2009

Black, White, & Grey: The Show

The reception for the Black, White, and Grey show was held last Saturday night at the Keizer Art Association. It was a fun opening as all of the artists were wearing black, white, and grey! We matched the art on the walls. The only disappointment was that the women who hung the show decided to put someone else's art smack dab in front of my piece (and mine wasn't even worthy of hanging!!??!!), so the glass piece they placed in front of mine completely blocked the lower left corner. Howard was not just disappointed, he was maaaaadddddd, but moved the glass piece to get a couple of complete shots of my art. Ah well.

Note: I wore black, white, and grey to the opening, but my earrings had a teeny, tiny red stone in the middle. I'm such a rebel!

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gl. said...

oooo, that would have made me mad, too! love your flavor of rebellion. :)