Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trust. Red. Clock.

The Orange Dream Monkeys were were quite the group last night: missing three members, one surprise old member made an appearance, a bad back, arrived late, forgot their journal, had to leave early. But in the end, it was good to be reunited after two months of cancelled meetings. There was much chatter and banter, some art making, and always good snacks.

Only Bobbie stuck with the theme for the evening: Trust Red Clock. The results of her page were beautiful and fun.

My pages in process last night:

The beginnings of another spread in my journal:

Our theme for April is: Heavenly Lime Green Jeans. Well, okay then.


lynda Howells said...

love what l am seeingx lynda

Melissa Melissa said...

I love the lime green and jeans kind of rhymes

Pristy Giant said...

looks like fun! see you april 2nd! :)