Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today was Wednesday Wanderings with my parents and so many people have made comments to me about our bi-monthly adventures, that I am encouraged to continue blogging about where our travels take us. When we first started going last October, we just chose a destination for the drive and a place to have lunch. Then in January we decided it would be fun to incorporate a visit to a historical site or museum and our adventures really started to get exciting. For today, our destination was Corvallis, a college town about 40 minutes south of Salem.

We had lunch at Big River. My Mom had crab cakes and I a lovely bowl of butternut squash ravioli. My Dad had a Reuben, but it wasn't worthy of a photo!

After lunch, we walked across the street to the Corvallis Riverfront park, a delightful public space (yes, those are flowers adorning the garbage cans!).

Our Corvallis destination was The Arts Center. I'd never been before and I fell in love with the space, both inside and out.

The exhibit we wanted to see is entitled Un-Speak-Able, a national juried book arts exhibit (and it runs through April 2nd in case you are interested).

One of my favorites was The Book of Knowledge, a great big book made out of tar paper. Tar paper, for Pete's sake!

When my parents were finished but I was still poking about, they kindly found a nice bench to relax.


lynda Howells said...

oh iuf only l could go and see the gallery..all those gorgeous books. Please keep on showing us these journeis as l enjoy seeing other places so much. One of these days l hope to see them in the to speakxxlynda

Bobbie said...

Another great Wednesday Wandering...glad you posted so I could see - looks like it was a wonderful display!