Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gifts From Afar!

I recently did an art swap with my friend Lynda Howells (be sure and take a look at her blog - her photos are stunning). Lynda wanted one of my Paper Remnant Journals and I wanted, well, anything from her! Did I mention that Lynda lives in England? We've been become online friends AND Lynda and her husband, Tony, travelled to Paris to meet me and Howard when we were there last fall. Lynda works a lot with fabric and fibers, in particular, she has been experimenting with dying fabrics. So when my package of goodies arrived yesterday, I was treated to all kinds of her handmade and hand touched treasures. Lynda listed out what she sent:

1 quilt brooch
1 silk painted panel
1 rust dyed piece of silk
1 piece of my hand knitted "thing"
Lastly, a piece of old lace dyed with bark

So exciting!! Here's a look at all of my sweet gifts:


jennasaurus said...

If you got this from someone else, don't worry about following the "rules" again!
You are one of my 15... Thank you for having an amazing blog and take a peek...

<3 jenna(saurus)

lynda Howells said...

this is so beautifully presented,,thanks. Hope you liked it. The knitted piece was the first bit of knitting l have done in if you see or want anything else or fancy another swap just SHOUTxxlynda