Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Condo Spiff

I live in two small spaces: a condo in an old house above an office in Salem and a boat on the Columbia River in Portland. The condo is cozy and for years has been painted a not unpleasant taupe; but I was ready for a change. So, for the past several months I have slowly been painting and spiffing the place up. It is now complete and I'd like to take you on a little tour. The last room to be completed is where we'll start (and thank you to all of my Facebook friends who cast a vote on the wall color - we chose Cinnamon Cake).

Living Room/Before:

Living Room/After:





Extra Room/Before:

Extra Room/After:

And because I'm letting you in, here's a peek at my office and our bedroom:

Time to rest and enjoy the final result: a colorful, bright, cheerful space!


Melinda Dalke said...

Absolutely Beautiful! Wonderful warm colors! You inspire me to be bold!

Connie Tull said...

very nice - love the warm colors - so very cozy!

gl. said...

wow, dayna!

Bobbie said...

Your colors and bathroom....they are wonderful!!!!! Great choices!!!!

lynda Howells said...

thank you for the tour..your home is just as l imagined it to be..warm,cosy and inviting just like it's ownerxxlynda

Robin Olsen said...

Love your new colors--they make everything look so fun and cozy! No wonder I like them--I see I have the same odd colors of Fiestaware that you do.