Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wednesday Wanderings: Mission Mill

Last Wednesday was field trip day with my parents. Twice a month we choose a destination to explore (and eat lunch). For this week, we chose to visit Salem's Willamette Heritage Center at the Mill (formerly known simply as Mission Mill Museum). There is lots to see and do: interpretive exhibits, historic homes, shops, museums, and a restaurant. We touched a little bit of everything. At first, I wasn't going to take photos or do a blog post about it, but then I realized that so much of the mill was architecturally and historically interesting, that I couldn't resist snapping at least a few photos.

We asked one of the museum docents to take our photo and I guess he wanted to be in the picture, too, because that's his finger in the upper left corner of the photo!

Did you notice the great photo at the top of this post? It's a medical kit for a nurse/MD/pharmacist. I had posted this photo on Facebook and received lots of oohs and ahhs. Well, my friend Tory saw my post and when we got together on Thursday, she handed me a gift. Yes, I now have my very own little medical kit!

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lynda Howells said...

lovely images..thanks for taking me there with the three of youx what a great friend Tory is and what an amazimg giftxxlynda