Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When is Something Done?

How do you know when a piece of art is finished? I think I could futz with something forever, but lately I've needed to bring some unfinished projects to fruition. One of those projects is a small canvas journal that I learned how to make at Art and Soul last fall in a class with Leighanna Light, The Construction of an Art Book. My book didn't originally have a theme other than a vague idea it might involve creepy dolls, so, accordingly, I had added the words: With a round-eyed stare . Since that time, I decided the book would be a tribute to my Dad, so I added the words: My Dad is Fading Away . . . . Here's how the book looked as of 5:00 pm today. Is it done? Probably not.

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Dave said...

That's a tough question...about being done. I don't really consider any of my pieces "done"...I get them to a point that I don't want to work on them anymore...and put them out there for all to see with the idea that I could always work on them some more later...unless they sell! And there's those works that I tuck away to work on some other day...