Monday, March 7, 2011

Holy Water: Keep Constantly Filled

Steph and I met up at the Portland Expo on Saturday for the 1,000 booth Palmer Wirfs Antique and Collectible Show. We allowed ourselves plenty of time to shop, rest, shop, eat lunch, shop, get a latte, and shop some more. Seven hours later, we were happily exhausted and ready to go home with our treasures. I put myself on a budget so I didn't have a lot of money to spend, but I sure had fun snapping dozens of photographs. Here's a sampling:

One of my favorite booths was that of Clean Sweep Estate Services. It was just beautiful!

I can't even begin to tell you how many people did a double take when they saw my doll in my cart. Several people told me they thought it was a real baby (like I would be toting a baby around loose in an old rusty cart!). The best was two Japanese women who did a double take and then in excited voices commented on the baby in the cart -- in Japanese!

What a day. Steph ended up with two wooden chests besides an assortment of goodies. You can see her haul by clicking here.

In the end, I came away with a well worn doll and a few bits and pieces. My favorite (besides my new dolly) was a clear bottle with the imprint For Holy Water -- Keep Constantly Filled. It leaked a bit in my purse, so I'm hoping I was vicariously blessed.


stephanie brockway said...

Hey crazy, baby in your cart lady... one can never have enough holy water. You got a great shot of the vintage girl, i missed the bows on her shoes, a fun people wacthing event too!

lynda Howells said...

What an amazing day out! love your finds especially the doll and the holy water. On another note..parcel posted 2 days ago..hope it gets there this timexx

apt3 design said...

Just found your blog and website today--how insiring! I sell vintage on Etsy but had given up on the Palmer Wirf shows because the pricing isn't good for my resale purposes. Didn't think about the fact that I could find stuff to use for mixed media art projects...duh! :)