Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Funcky Fresh

Last Friday I spent the day in my daughter Melissa's third grade classroom. The project for the day? Painting and embellishing cloth dolls. The plan is for the kids to next write a poem or short story about their doll and then both the doll and their writing will be on display for the school's art show in June. But Friday was dedicated to arting up the dolls. What a grand and glorious day it was!

A few close-ups of the completed dolls:

My doll striking a pose and in her new place at the studio.

The last time I was in Melissa's classroom was November of last year and Howard did the art project with me (check out Art Rocks for photos of what we did then). When I arrived for this visit, the kids began handing me thank you cards they had written. Here's a sampling (p.s. my grandkids call me Bammy, or Bam, for short, and that is what the school kids call me as well).


gl. said...

Funky, Friskey Bam!

Robin Olsen said...

This whole post makes me smile--the messy hands, the fabulous dolls and those wonderful notes. You are extraordinary and very intelligent.

Bobbie said...

I love that they call you Bam!!!!

Tory Brokenshire said...

I have a big smile that will stick with me all day. You and H are Funcky Fresh, your doter and the class are lucky to have you.

donna said...

What fun! They are so blessed to have you. I wish I was in the class. :)