Saturday, June 5, 2010

Art Intervention: Day Four

The pressure is on. Today we completed day four of our five day class, The Architecture of Memory. It was so nice to have sunshine the whole day - our spirits were brighter AND our pieces were drying so much faster.

Pat was really zipping around today giving us individual attention and feedback to our "What do you think I should do right here?" type questions. But every once in a while, she managed to work on one of her own pieces.

Two of my fellow students did an art intervention on me today. One of my pieces just wasn't clicking the way I had hoped, so I decided I would start over this morning. I arrived a little early and got the piece sanded down and ready to be recompounded. The first intervention came from Greg as I was scooping compound onto my board: "What are you doing? That looks great the way it is." Okay, I scooped the pile of limestone clay back into my bucket, deciding to proceed at a slower pace. Not too long afterwards, Deborah asked what I was doing with the birds. When I told her I had sanded them back and was going to compound them into submission, she urged me to leave them. Okay, maybe I could change their appearance a bit. So, with coaxing and encouragement from a few other students (and from Teacher Pat), Shadow Birds was born.

I'm still struggling a bit with this piece, Halfway Point. I like how it's going, but I'm stymied with where to go. Pat suggested I do some little paper thumbprints to experiment with color; I liked my little work ups so much, I couldn't even bear to change them!

This is another one I'm struggling with, in fact, I added some compound over the left lower corner in an attempt to change it's appearance. Then, over dinner tonight as I was showing Howard photographs from the day, he said he liked it as it was!

The good news is that by the end of today, I had finished three pieces: The one for Howard (as yet unnamed), Shadow Birds, and No. 2. Pat shared a great quote from Leonard Wolf: Sign it and let it go.

A close-up of Howard's piece.

I have three to complete by 2:00 tomorrow. Yikes Almighty! Can I do it?

The wall on OUR side of the studio (that would be Greg, Steph, and me).

At the end of the day, a group of us headed for SCRAP to explore the fabulous Mar Goman exhibit.


Tory Brokenshire said...

Dayna I just had the best time reading and following the process of your art. I am blown away!!! The piece "Shadow Birds" is just lovely. I love them all.

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Dayna, for sharing your process in making your paintings with lots of character, texture and subtle color. Can't wait to see all of your artwork in person.

steph b said...

it's hard to believe the crow piece is in order!, such a blur now...the color, then spackle then color again, voila color again, we need to compare notes!

lynda howells said...

As usual l love your has become really powerful!xxwish l could see this in personxlynda