Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Architecture of Memory: Redux

Ohhhh, it's good to be back at the Oregon College of Art and Craft with Pat Wheeler and friends. Last June I took Pat's class, The Architecture of Memory: Paintings and Construction, and it was such a rich experience that I signed up for it again this year. It's a five day class, so there is plenty of time to settle in and develop a rhythm (and we get to eat lunch every day at the Hands On Cafe). Today was Day 1, the day we paint our wood substrates and get the limestone clay applied. It was very warm last year, so the clay was dry by the afternoon and we were able to begin sanding and even painting. But this year, with the damp weather, our clay wasn't drying very fast so we just spent the day playing in our mud.

Pat had the room set up and ready for us to get started.

A bit of the process:

Goofing around with Steph and Greg.

It was a good day's work.

Lights out. End of the day. We'll start fresh in the morning.

P.S. I recently gifted Steph with a bleached out turtle shell that she was coveting from my stash. When she arrived at OCAC this morning, she had a gift package for me! She knows me so well . . . and by the way, it was at OCAC last June that I met and befriended Steph!


lynda howells said...

oh..looks fantastic and loads of fun. very jealous but glad you are having funxlynda

Anonymous said...

Have fun this week! Xoxo

Cerulean Gypsy said...

Looks like a great class. I'm moving to Portland in the next 12 months and would love to take this class.
Please keep us updated daily!