Friday, June 4, 2010

Halfway Point: Day Three

Today marked the halfway point of the five-day Architecture of Memory class that I'm taking at Oregon College of Art and Craft. I've been writing about my experiences and the progress I make on the six pieces I am working on simultaneously. Here's a link to yesterday's post. Today I called one piece finished. It was the smallest of my boards, but done nonetheless. It has been waxed and hung on the wall. Other than No. 2, I worked on revamping a piece from orange to red. Here it is in it's fiery red form.

I got started on my big circle piece (as you can tell, no names yet), beginning the layering and texturing process.

Class notes:

I had to laugh when I looked along one wall of the classroom. From one end to the other it was bags, boxes, and suitcases of stuff for just three people: Steph, Greg, and myself. The whole wall!

Works in process of of Greg, myself, and Steph (first two are Greg's, next two are mine, and the last two are Steph's).

Here's Pat discussing one of Greg's pieces while Greg experiments with using graphite.

Greg's partner, Tabor, popped in for a visit today (Tabor has a show going on this month at Guardino Gallery on N.E. Alberta).

Two of my pieces have built in niches - a place for bundled objects. For my red piece (which will hopefully become somewhat turquoise tomorrow . . .) I plan to bundle vintage bottles. I've been on the hunt for little brown bottles the past two days after class. Today I found what I was looking for at two of my favorite little junk/collectible stores: Really Good Stuff and Shadowhouse Collectibles, both on S.E. Hawthorne.

I'm a bit weary tonight, but excited to get back in the classroom in the morning.

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