Friday, June 25, 2010

Out and About on the Portland Waterfront

Week Two at the Portland Waterfront. Lots of opportunities for walks and Artist's Dates. Here's a glimpse into the past week.

A marriage at the Central Library.

Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland's Living Room.

A random bike ride where almost everyone, male and female, were wearing cute little tutus. (Unfortunately - or fortunately? - I didn't get any photos of the naked bike ride held last week.)

Dining with Al, Kristi, and Jeanette on the top deck.

Portland Farmers Market:

Portland Saturday Market.

The geese share the grass with some foosball players.

Two kinds of barges on the Willamette: commercial and party.

Grandsons Jackson and Emmett at one of the Waterfront fountains.

Josh and friends help Howard remove a behemoth of a boat ladder!


Curious Works said...

You've captured Portland's eclectic spirit...takes me right back, thank you!

lynda Howells said...

What a wonderful description of your visit to Portland..makes me want to go NOWxxlyndax