Saturday, June 12, 2010

Celebrating Tory's Birthday

Last Thursday was the monthly meeting of the Portland Art Collective, always a fun and energizing event. If you're interested, a post is always made after the meetings showing photos of what was shared for Show 'n Tell. For me, I have as much fun after the meetings as I do at them. For this month's tramping about agenda, I went with Steph and Tory to SCRAP and then to Pix Patisserie. I've written a lot about SCRAP, but not much about Pix, probably because Pix is a restaurant dedicated to all things chocolate. But it's Tory's birthday month, so what can I say, but bites all around!

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steph b said...

Where was that beautiful garbage can? It was good of us to support the local economy at Pix.