Friday, June 25, 2010

New Toys . . . and a little playtime

Tuesday was a full and complete day of artful play while on Rapture at the Portland Waterfront. I turned up the music, spread out throughout the cabin, and even used the sunny outside decks for drying pages.

I used part of my day to experiment with some new art supplies. First of all, I got some HUGE alphabet stamps (I got the lower case set, but they also come in upper case). Each letter is magnetized on the back, so you pick them up with a wood-mounted magnet. Easy peasy and very fun.

I've also gotten into using some of the new tapes that are out, Japanese masking tapes as well as some of the new gaffer tapes. The tape seems to work especially well when used between pages at the binding as it helps prevent my pages from sticking together. I like that.

I picked up some new paints last week, new colors and a couple of new brands to try out.

And finally, I thought I would try out some clear gesso. I've used white and black gesso, but never clear. Why not.

When is a page truly done? I'm not sure, but here are some of my current pages in process, some from my current visual journal and some from a journal of self-portraits.


Shonna said...

Oh my, I love your journal pages so much!!!! Great work!

Curious Works said...

Wonderful spreads! I haven't used clear gesso...what did you think?

lynda Howells said...

As your work..just amazing xxI often use clear gesso..when l can get it over here in Londonx. glad you had time and space to is important even on holiday, isn't it/xxxlynda