Friday, June 25, 2010

Kindred Spirits

I got to spend all of Thursday afternoon (and part of Thursday evening) with two kindred spirits: Steph and Tabor (a new friend). We started our adventure at Tabor and Greg's house, one of those homes that sucked the very breath from my lungs. It was such a reverent and bulging house of art, vintage, strange, unique, and wonderful, that I didn't even take a single photo. It just didn't seem right. I was given a grand tour, oooohing and ahhhhing (and drooling) my way through a lifetime of collecting and gunkholing. We finally pulled ourselves away to have a bit to eat at the Nighthawk Cafe and Lounge.

Next up, Kenton, an old Portland neighborhood. Our first stop was a local antique and collectibles store, but I'm not going to name it as 1) the prices were pretty darn high, and 2) things were out, but not necessarily for sale. What's up with that?? Steph and I were inquiring about some vintage, numbered, metal tags and the owner told us she had just got them in the mail and wasn't sure she was going to sell them. They were out in a bowl on the counter. Okay.

Our next destination was Salvage Works. It was worth the trip. Here's our little trio of misfits at Salvage Works.

Salvage Works offers: Vintage Building Materials, Custom Furniture, and Assorted What-Nots. The assorted what-nots were divine. Preston, the owner, has a great little business, even features monthly artists (this month it is Janet Julian). The shop is small, but filled with artful treasures, and they are priced very reasonably. Get thee there.

My bounty from Salvage Works:

Our next stop was at Eric's little store on N. Interstate, Find. Although it looks like this week he is calling the store Eric's Odditorium. I found a pile of large old wood yellow letters. I bought some, of course. Tabor bought an old wooden column for the backyard tea house he and Greg are building.

We finally all headed back to Rapture to rest and recuperate from our shopping extravaganza.

Later on, Howard showed off my new letters on the dock. No, the boat isn't for sale.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

What an adventurous and artful week you're having, Dayna! Your journal pages are beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for the junque store tips; I'll have to check them out.

lynda Howells said...

What fun you are all having and how did you get that pole into the car??the mind boggles!xxlynda