Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dirty, Dirty Girl: Day Two

A new day at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Second day of a five day class, The Architecture of Memory. More details about the class can be found in yesterday's post. For today, time to get some paint on my boards.

Playing the day away with paint (and tea staining some fabric bits).

Working on a piece for Howard . . .

The great thing about this process? If you don't like something, you can just sand it out!

Here I am with the awesome instructor, Pat Wheeler!

I made some headway today.

Steph with her beautiful piece of art and a view of the painting studio.

A self-portrait of my dirty, dusty self.

The end of another day.


Anonymous said...

Whatever you are working on is for me again!!! Haha! Looks like fun! Love you, Melissa

lynda howells said...

Interesting ideas here.glad you are having fun...your Art looks good to. can't wait to see the finished piece.xlynda

steph b said...

And your a brave girl going with that title, lol.The circle one is looking good!!