Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walking in This World: Discovering a Sense of Authenticity and Dignity

Last night was the final gathering of my Walking in This World 10-week Creative Cluster. We did our usual check-ins, then took time to share a pot of Stone Soup (yep, there really is a stone in the pot), a tradition I learned from my Artist's Way mentor, Gretchin Lair of Scarlet Star Studios in Portland.

After a bowl of amazingly delicious vegetable soup (and some hearty Great Harvest Dakota bread), it was time for the women to share their Omega Projects, another tradition from Gretchin. The Omega Project serves as a capstone to our ten weeks together, a final artistic project created by each woman.

Kathleen made a mobile using the ATC cards we created a couple of weeks ago.

Katherine created a collage using images from her Walking in This World experience and then made up individual cards for each of us!

Jill did mini collages on four glass tiles . . . .

Dawn made two sno-globes! Fanciful and funky they were.

Destree shared her work in progress, a People Web, which was inspired by a dew-covered spider web she saw last fall. She has woven fishing line back and forth across a large frame and will later attach different sized little round mirrors to emulate the dew on a web.

Shelby is a photographer and shared some self-portraits she did for her Omega Project.

One of the ladies shared her Walking in This World experience in this way:

In the dreary and depression soaked days of winter and joblessness, I took a step to come out of my self and spend extraordinary and exotic time with a group of women who value the creative soul within us all. My soul was ecstatic. In our too short time together, I have re-committed myself to art, bought a condo, and begun a journey with a man who seems to be my life partner. He and I are good together and I am uplifted every day with hope, vitality, playfulness, and an honoring of who I am. There are no coincidences. Thank you, dear sisters for your presence in this life.

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Karen said...

Wow...sounds so wonderful and am so pleased for each of you. Dayna...You are such a guide and open so many doors for all of us..thank you...well done grasshopper!!