Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Think Outside the Tin And See What Happens!

I came up with a new class idea last month and called it Think Outside the Tin. Last night was the first time I taught the class (other than with my Walking in This World women, who were my guinea pigs!). Come see what eight creative women did with a prepared tin.

The class was held at Stampin' Cat Studio in Lisa's fabulous studio space at the back of the store.

The initial prep of the tins:

Caveat . . . I got a new camera over the weekend, a Nikon S70 Coolpix, but I have not yet learned how to use it (it's a touch screen, so completely different from my old Nikon Coolpix), so the following following are less than acceptable. However, I wanted to post about the class so I am including them here with my apologies. Guess what manual I'll be studying before I take another round of photos?

Preparing the patina in advance of class:

Getting started:

"Most" of the finished tins:

Aren't they just beautiful?


Anonymous said...

so I have a question for you Ms. Awesome Creative Person (ACP)

you cooked the tins and then "prepared the patina" what did you use in this preparation?


Destree said...

I got some tins that need preparin'...think Champ would mind if I just tossed them in the next time he bbq's? That might be pushing it just a little bit :0)

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

What a neat idea! It's always nice for a group to have a common theme and be able to compare things. And tins like these are not as scary as a white canvas.

gl. said...

i love your promo tin and i -really- love you prepping them on the grill! i hope howard got a good kick out of it, too. :)

Sakthisithiran said...

Awesome! i am loving it.