Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Artist's Way: A New Session Begins

A new round of Artist's Way classes started on Tuesday night. Because I've posted about every Artist's Way class over the past couple of years, I'm undecided if I will continue to post summaries of each week's session. Ummmmm, it's kind of a nice record, but because most of the creative activities are the same as we've done in previous classes, I'm wondering if these weekly posts are redundant? Relevant? Interesting? Entertaining? I'll make my decision next week.


Bobbie said...

When I was in your class I would LOVE to read and see the was warm and comforting to me...and I used some of the pics for my E6000 Shrine :) I don't think it's redundant for the new people going on a journey with Dayna.

lynda Howells said...

NO WAY IS IT REDUNDANT!!!!! I really learn a lot each session you put up. I have it tht as soon as you publish anything, it comes up on my email. I love seeing what you amazing women are doing. Also l really love seeing what you get out of people because of your leadership Dayna. A;lso as Bobbie says, l am enjoying taking this journey with youxlynda

gl. said...

documentation, documentation, documentation! :)