Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ArtFest Mish Mash

On the first night of ArtFest, tons of people gathered in the Commons of Fort Worden to make trades with each other. I had a made a batch of bottle cap magnets and Scrabble word packs, which you can read more about by clicking here. I had made 117 packets to trade and they were all gone within 30 minutes of arriving in the Commons! In return, I received an entire bag of glorious goodies, including packs of ephemera, charms, beads, buttons, ATCs, original artwork, fibers . . . the creativity of what I received was endless and inspiring.

At the opening night festivities, there was live music and dancing in the aisles.

Now I know what I can do with all those plastic toys I collect!

Just horsin' around with one of my fun purchases.

My dorm, Building 225, from the outside (look at that view!) and from the inside of my room looking out.

Show 'n Tell on Saturday night - several large rooms where people share what they made in their classes.

Tory with the lamp she made out of sausage casings - yes, sausage casings (I guess they're kinda stinky). The lamp was so cool!

A parting shot with Tory before we started our five-hour drive home (I'm so glad Tory likes to drive cause I sure don't).


I participated in two swaps this year, an ATC and a Fatbook swap. Here are photos of the Fatbook I received on opening night of ArtFest:

And here's the ATC book:


Jennevieve said...

ooh, I loved that octopus lamp! It's been fun looking at people's recaps of their artfest adventures.

(P.S. I was the one that was bugging you at lunch about places to go in Portland!)

Michele said...

Hey dayna - that's my fatbook page with the gem. Glad you liked it! I'm always a bit concerned that my color palette is a little strong for the fatbooks - LOL!