Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Winter Respite

I've just returned from spending five days on the Central Oregon Coast in Bandon, Oregon. We had horribly rainy weather on two days, and gloriously beautiful sunny weather on three days; that's the way it is this time of the year. While Howard golfed 72 holes of golf over two days, I spent my time reading in the sun (The Story of Edgar Sawtelle) and playing in one of my visual journals (it's a self-portrait journal that I started last October at Art and Soul in LK Ludwig's class, The Poetic Eye).

When we came together on non-golf and non-art days, we roamed around the area in search of good thrift, junk, and antique stores. Since my regular camera is being repaired and I didn't want to lug our big 35 mm around, I didn't take many photos during the trip. But I did snap a few shots of my rusty, antiquated treasures.


lynda Howells said...

glad you had great time away. Your portrait work looks amazing. Also very jealous of all your findsx have you any idea what you are going to do with those amazing dolls? lynda

Dayna Collins said...

Lynda, good question about all of my crazy dolls! I love having a supply of them and then when I'm working on a piece, I have several to choose from - you just never know when you'll need a French-looking celluloid doll head and bust!

Char Coburn said...

Bandon by the Bay is one of my favorite places. I am so envious as we haven't been there in ages. It is most definitely a place to recharge.... everything. I can't wait to see what you may compose now! I am so glad I came across your blog! BTW - I have one of those round white thermometers on my deck and it still works. It's been there for a good many years!