Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make It Yours

On my third day of classes at ArtFest, I had the privilege to sit at the feet of Bee Shay. The class was titled Make It Yours and it was all about making and using your own papers, words, thoughts, and marks when creating a piece of art. The first part of the day was relaxed and slow paced as we spritzed and sprayed and brushed inks and paints onto a pile of Japanese rice paper; we then further embellished the paper with designs and words. The second part of the day we created a canvas with a bold central image using the paper we had made in the morning. Oooolala, it was fun.

Preparing the paper:

The evolution of my piece:

Here's me with Bee:

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Robin Olsen said...

All your classes look like so much fun, Dayna. You did great work!