Thursday, January 31, 2008

DIY Lounge - A New Teaching Venue For Me!

I have been accepted as a teacher at the DIY Lounge in Portland! The DIY Lounge has a workspace located in the back of the sweet little, but well-stocked, art store on Alberta, collage. I had to submit my application and supply a reference that could veryify my art-teaching abilities. For my reference, I used my friend and mentor, Gretchin Lair of Scarlet Star Studios. She wrote such a nice tribute to my talents, that I share it with you here:

“I’ve both taught and hired Dayna to teach at my own studio, and am looking forward to doing so again. I value her because as a teacher she is dynamic, encouraging and talented. But as someone responsible for organizing a regular schedule of events, I also appreciate her responsiveness, attention to details and dependability. I highly recommend Dayna; I definitely think she’d be an asset to DIY Lounge.”

So, because I took the step to promote myself in Portland and because of Gretchin's lovely endorsement of my skills, I will be teaching two classes at collage in the DIY Lounge! Here is the info on the classes in case you are able to join me:

Itty Bitty Pretties on Saturday, March 15, 1:00-3:30 p.m.

Matchbox Shrines on Saturday, April 26, 1:00-4:00 p.m.

For more information about the classes or to register, visit the DIY Lounge website.


gl. said...

yay, dayna! i'm sure jen was impressed with you even without my recommendation, but i'm glad to help. :)

thanks for coming to the monster month party last night, too. i very much appreciated spending time w/ you & howard.

Linda Womack said...

Congratulations on the teaching gig at Collage Dayna. My students there were always creative and enthusiastic. I'm sure you'll have fun and they are lucky to have you. Plus now I get to say "Itty Bitt Pretty" which I never would have worked into a sentence otherwise. It just trips off the tongue! :)