Friday, January 4, 2008


I remembered to head to a local scrapbook store this morning at 10 AM and am I ever glad I did. I joined the throngs of women who had the same idea, to look through the castoffs of other scrappers and artists. "Scrap Yard" is a three-day event at Scrapbook Fever. Scrap Yard allows whoever wants to get rid of their supplies to sell them at the store, but the seller sets the price and most prices are low, low low - think garage sale. I made off with three bags of stuff (I spent about $40) not to mention a few nifty organizers (those are still in my car). This pile of artsy, painterly blocks (with funny little alaphbet rubber stamps on one side of each block) was only 50 cents!

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gl. said...

oooo, i love those blocks! sounds like a very fun event.