Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Artist's Way Creative Clusters Begin

The first session of my 13-week Artist's Way Creative Clusters began last night. Six lovely ladies gathered, full of anticipation, excitement, and a tinge of anxiety. One of the ladies was taking my class for a second time, saying she needed a "refresher" on living creatively. I had met all of the women through previous workshops or retreats, except for one, who came with her friend. It was such an honor to have my Creative Cluster fill without having to do any outside advertising; it was all through word of mouth and a little self-promotion. In fact, I have five or six additional people who are interested in joining a Creative Cluster, so I have decided to add a spring cluster, which will begin the end of March and overlap for a couple of sessions with the current group (a different night). We'll see if that one takes off as easily as this one!

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gl. said...

eee! you're doing SO well, dayna. you have a spark that attracts people to you & gives them hope. you're a fabulous facilitator. i'll bet you'll be able to runa spring one, too!