Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Artist's Way Week Three: Recovering a Sense of Identity

Man, here I am posting a week late. This blogging stuff takes dedication! I wanted to comment on last week's group. One woman was missing from our group due to her work schedule and it is amazing how an absence changes the dynamic. During our closing time, one of the women wanted to share something with the woman who was absent, how something she had said the prior week had given her hope and encouragement; it was touching and sweet and I was sorry the woman was not present to hear it. Another woman who was present, had rearranged travel plans so that she would be back in time to attend our group. Being in a group is a privilege and takes committment and determination to make the time and energy to get to the meeting. Most women who share they were tempted to stay home, are always glad they made the effort to come. I hope that is the case for tonight.

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