Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dolls, dolls, dolls

I don't know what it is about dolls, but I just gotta have 'em, the creepier the better. Before we left on our little mini vacation, I was surfing e-bay, on the hunt for doll parts. Well, I hit the mother lode with one of the auctions and for not too much money (about $17.50 before shipping and handling), I was the proud owner (mother?) of an assortment of dolls and their parts. The box was waiting for me when I returned home last night. After putting everything away from our trip, sorting through the mail and papers, I finally sat down with my large box (which had served as the home for an artificial Christmas tree in a former life) and a knife. Ta Dah! A plethora of dolls and their parts (yes, that is the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Dennis the Menace):


gl. said...

wow. where in the world do you keep all these dolls, dayna? :)

Dayna Collins said...

gl - That has become a problem, indeed. In fact, after I unpacked the box of doll heads, I turned to my Hubby and said, "I need a shelf in my studio." Being the supporter that he is, he replied by saying, "Only one shelf? That would look like a warehouse - let's add several shelves." So as soon as we return from our Washington trip this weekend, we'll be heading to Lowes to select some cool shelves to install in my studio! Stay tuned for photos.