Monday, February 4, 2008

Monster Month Book Release Party

On Thursday night, my Hubby and I attended a book release party hosted by Sven and Gretchin of Scarlet Star Studios. The book? Sven's recently released Monster Month; well, technically the book was written by Professor Ichbonnsen, but he was not able to attend. He did, however, send an e-mail, which Sven read, followed by a reading from the book. The evening featured the original drawings from the book, tasty snacks, and lots of artists and teachers from around the Portland area. For more information about the book, visit the Monster Month blog, which gives background information as well as how to order your own copy.

Here is me giving my copy of Monster Month to Sven for his signature:

Here is Sven contemplating what to sign:

And here are Sven's groupies, Bridget and Linda, waiting to get their copies of Monster Month signed (Bridget appears to be a tad more excited than Linda, at least on the outside!):


Bridget B. said...

I think there might actually be a monster gnawing on my foot - hence the "excited" look . . . ;)

And it was great to see your piece at the Launchpad opening - The Sweetie got a little overwhelmed in the crowd , so we didn't stay long, but it was great to see the work of so many wonderful folks!

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Thank you so much for coming to the party, Dayna! It was a pleasure to have you there... And WOW -- you're the first person I've signed a book for! (Yes, I know I'm repeating myself... But it's still TRUE.) 8D

gl. said...

eeeee! i must have been in another part of the room while this was all happening, so i appreciate reading about it later! :D thanks for your support!

i love your expression, bridget, but i must admit i get a little giggle imagining sven's "contemplation" picture reversed with the picture below it, as if he's shaking his head. :)