Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Matchbox Shrine Workshop

On Saturday I offered my Matchbox Shrine workshop at the Stampin' Cat Studio in Salem. Five lovely women came in from the beautiful sunshine to spend three hours playing with my bins, boxes, and jars of wonderful embellishments (glitter was a big hit!). I began the evening by having them do a five minute stream of consciousness writing about what they hoped to get out of making a shrine. They dove in and got their pens moving quickly across the page. When I (finally) turned them loose, it was with a ferocious intensity; they moved around the table picking up papers, choosing paints, and adding bits to the inside and outside of their matchboxes. Their finished shrines reflected reverence and playfulness: some were made for friends as gifts, two honored their upcoming weddings, and one ended up honoring her father who passed away in the last year. Thank you, ladies, for spending the evening with me and for sharing a glimpse into your personal lives.


gl. said...

they look great!

Sabii Wabii said...

These ar fantastic!