Monday, February 4, 2008

3rd Annual Love Show

I am happy to report that the Opening Festivities for the 3rd Annual Love Show at the Launch Pad gallery was great fun on Friday night. There were nibblies that filled my tummy, I got to see Sven and Gretchin again (stars of Scarlet Star Studios), I saw Emma and met Emily, and got introduced to another Artist’s Way alum, Justine. Then my son, Scott, showed up, and with him and Hubby, we got to stroll through and take in the art and artists present. When we left to go for a more formal meal (the yummy Nutshell), Scott summed up the feeling of the event: “It felt like a circus.” Yes, it did, in all the best ways! People were mingling and visiting, loud music playing in the background, performance art taking place, and lots of interesting people and dress. Portland at its very best! By all means, let’s “Keep Portland Weird.”

For me, it was a highlight to look at the wall of art and see my Sixty-Four piece right there in the midst of a sea of art. I stood back and watched as people approached my piece and stepped closer to get a better look, to read the captions, or to see what embellishments had been used. It almost seemed surreal, knowing that it was my piece that was being displayed for all to see in a Portland art gallery. Satisfied. That was how I was feeling. And grateful for the opportunity. (And yes, that is my good-looking son in the photo at the top of this post!)


gl. said...

i'm so proud of you, dayna! your piece was SO great to see in person. but if howard thought that was a circus, what did he think of the Thirty! show? ;)

mmmm, nutshell. here's the link to their site:

ben pink said...

Hi Dayna,

I am proud to have your piece in the show! It's a great feeling to step back and see other people see into a fragment of your world, at least that's been my experience. One of my volunteers (and fellow love show artists) Kathleen Simpson is doing the artists way, also.

I hope you will participate in next years show, as well as our upcoming group show in October... see the website for details!

~ben pink
Gallery Director, Launch Pad