Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Won a Drawing (Again)!

First off, it you aren’t familiar with DIY Alert and you live in the Portland area, then reading this blog right now is a great introduction to an important art resource in the Pacific Northwest! Sister Diane, the creative force behind the DIY Alert, sends out weekly messages alerting everyone about all things crafty in the Portland area: classes, artists, stores, web sites . . . Diane is also the local organizer of the Church of Craft (among many other things). So be sure and check out both of these two websites (and follow the various links for a journey through crafty Portland). Oh, back to the point of my post. Diane occasionally has drawings for gifts related to art making and a couple of weeks ago she offered up an issue of Indie Arts, a DVD magazine. The magazine includes an art gallery, featured artists, interviews, and artist ideas. I have considered subscribing in the past, but didn’t follow through, sort of wondering what the format was like before plunking down the money. Along comes Diane, who offers a free issue of the DVD magazine. I submitted my name (gotta submit to win, right?). Well, yesterday I received word from Sister Diane that my name had been selected! Today she put my copy of this art DVD in the mail – I can hardly wait to receive it and pop it into the DVD player.

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gl. said...

awesome! congratulations, dayna!