Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rhythm in Blue

I'm a member of a small art group in Salem called, well, The Salem Art Group and we have been planning for a show that went up on Saturday at Venti's Cafe in downtown Salem, The Blue Show. The only requirement for the show was the word or color blue be incorporated in some way. As you will see from the photos, we each went in a very different direction, but somehow the show looks pretty cohesive.

For my piece, I took one of my mudded, but very unfinished pieces and transformed it from a mass of red . . . .

. . . to a series of horizontal lines of color.

Then reworked it and reworked it with lots of colors, drips, sprays, scratches, and scritches, creating my Rhythm in Blue.

Kathy's husband Leo did the precarious hanging of the show -- with lots of input and suggestions from lots of ladies!

The show.


We had a soft opening on Wednesday night. I am blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful group of women artists.


Nena said...

Love it!

Kelly Z. said...

Ahhhhh lovely!!! great colors and texture! hmm trying to picture you working the piece with layers and such...ha NOT!
miss you ladies already;) wish I was a part of that amazing art group up there...still holding our fun times and laughs close to my heart and soul!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Stunning! I love Venti's, you've given me an excuse to go there for lunch. When does the show come down?

Bobbie said...

So happy I got to see them all along with you and Kathy!! Great show!!!