Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FINAL ARTFEST (sniff sniff)

I'm not feeling the urge to offer much commentary, so I'll let my photos tell the story of my adventure at Artfest last week -- the 13th and final fest.

. . . and other shenanigans

(Yes, it included a proposal . . .)


Orly Avineri

Stephanie Lee (with an assist by Judy Wise)
(And my tablemate was none other than Clarissa Callesen!)

Mary Beth Shaw



Kelly Z. said...

delightful;) brings it all back to mind...can't believe it's been a week today that we settled in to our home in the fort! great pics!

Artgirl said...

Awwww, these are great shots Dayna! I loved what you did in the class we took together with Orly! Very cool, and it looks like you had great fun in the other classes as well! I just wish it could have lasted longer! Looking at your pictures reminds me of how much there was to see, and how much I didn't see! I had no idea there was a Museum at the Officer's house complex! And I was too far away to get good pictures of Teesha and Tracey on the opening night, .... Thanks, so much for posting these. I haven't downloaded my images yet, and I just got home at midnight (I'd extended my stay).

Here's hoping that Teesha finds another unique way to get us all together again! It was a delight meeting you and so many other kindred spirits!

Judy Wise said...

Great photos, Dana. You took me back for another visit ...

amanda said...

You are the gal with the fabulous hair! I was in the Plaster Sampler class as well. Very fun stuff. Looks like your other classes were just as yummy.

Deirdra Doan said...

Hey Dayna,
Thank you for posting these wonderful photo's.
It was great to see you with Christine from San Jose. She is so colorful in her art and dolls like you!

Heather said...

Great photo! Thanks for sharing them. I did not get to go this year to Artfest. (Didn't realize it would be the last)You brought back so many memories.

Francesca Di Leo said...

beautiful pics dayna!

i adored your piece in orlys class. wasn't that an incredible experience!!!


Paula McNamee said...

I enjoyed sharing ArtFest with you and thanks for sharing your photos with us- it was a fun time. You spoiled me with your early morning lattes.

lk moonwood said...

Fabulous photos, Dayna! Thank you for sharing!

Bobbie said...

I love your "BITS" creation!! Looks like a fabulous weekend - thanks for sharing!! I kinda wanna see "BITS" in person :)

Clarissa Callesen said...

It was great to share a table with you in Stephanie's plaster class. I have been working on my plaster pieces and having a lot of fun.
But how have I missed the Officer's house museum all these years.. jeeez... Thanks for the pictures