Friday, April 27, 2012

NOLA - The Fun Continues

As promised, I'm sharing more of my recent trip to New Orleans. Too many photos to narrow into one post, so I'm breaking the trip up into two or three posts. The first can be viewed by clicking here. So where to go next with our week of wanderings. How about a few photos of my daily walks for a latte. Nikki had said a local Starbucks was about seven blocks away; turns out it was 12 blocks! One way. Which means I got a nice 24-block walk in every morning before we started our eight hours of walking to see the city! I didn't mind a bit with these kinds of views.

The dumpster diving in New Orleans was otherworldly and we grabbed every opportunity to claim treasures FOR FREE!

One day, while out cruising for trash (I mean sightseeing), we saw what we thought might prove promising on the side of the street. As it turns out, it was a local artist reorganizing his garage studio. We struck up a conversation, and King Charles graciously invited us into his home to see some of his beautiful, creative, paper hats!

Nikki took us to some of her favorite junking shops, and we discovered a few while together. Here's a sampling.

To finish up this post that is mostly about junking and discovering treasures, I'll share a highlight that occurred on our final day right before heading to the airport. Nikki told us she had a special place to take us: an abandoned auto shop of some sort, just ripe for the pickin'. And pick we did.

That's about enough for this post. Still to come are highlights of the Music Box, sunset on the Mississippi, cemeteries (you knew those were coming), the Sculpture Park, a special gallery, and a stop at NOLA's little lake.


Joanna said...

Oh boy, looks like ya'll had a BLAST, including great weather! Did you see Katrina damage? None's evident in your photos (so far), and it seems like NOLA's come back to life.
Can't wait for more pics!

back.roads said...

I've been following the posts on your trip to New Orleans. What a fascinating city! I'm thoroughly enjoying my "armchair" visit along with you. Thank you!