Sunday, April 15, 2012

It Was a 15-Hour Day!

I coordinated a field trip with the Portland Art Collective to the Seattle Art Museum to see the limited engagement Gauguin exhibit -- Gauguin and Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise. We took our little excursion last Friday (the 13th! a lucky day, indeed). Our original plan had been to take the train, but the rates were so exorbitant, that we almost didn't go. Tory came to the rescue and rented a 12-passenger van; we filled ten of the seats with PAC members. Tory and I picked up the van in Salem at 6:30 am and headed up I-5 to meet the eight eager travellers at the Multnomah Art Center. Tory had prepared goodie bags to keep the kids from getting too bored or restless. I was the chief navigator and had printed out maps, parking information, and had my trusty GPS at the ready in my phone.

I had made reservations at the SAM restaurant, TASTE, and we had a lovely lunch (although a few people's meals looked more like an appetizer than a full meal and went in search of more food as soon we had visited the exhibit). I had a tasty plate of lentils and kale.

Glimpses of the Seattle Art Museum.

No photos allowed inside the Gauguin exhibit, so this will have to do.

After leaving the Seattle Art Museum, we spent a glorious day roaming around downtown. The sun was out, the streets packed with people, the energy electric.

And then we began the long drive home. Showing clips from Saturday Night Live on my iPad was just one of our many activities!


Kelly Z. said...

Ohhhhh this looks like such fun! Amazing! And my fav store Free People!:) Lovely pictures.

Bobbie said...

Great road trip...great pics!!