Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Big Easy

Stephanie and I just returned from a week in New Orleans. We went to visit our mutual friend Nikki Blackwood, a fellow artist, who moved from Portland to return to her roots. Steph and I met up at the Portland Airport last Tuesday morning and hopped on a mid morning flight to the Big Easy.

Nikki's condo is on the second floor of an 1893 pier house (and right across from a cemetery, more on cemeteries in a future post).

I took SO many great photos, that it has been a huge chore to edit, cut, and curate them. I've decided to do several separate posts highlighting different aspects of the trip. This first post is a sampling of our days, which I'm calling OUT AND ABOUT. The photos are in no particular order, but give you an idea of some of what we did. More photos and details will be forthcoming as I overcome a bad mild case of jet lag.


Bobbie said...

Looks like a blast of a trip with HOT guys!!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Wow, you packed a lot of activities into your week! Thanks for sharing your photos, they're great!