Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Class No. 3: Abstraction Through Texture

Tonight is my final class with Cynthia Herron (or is it? our little group is discussing some future options with this masterful teacher), so I wanted to get last week's class session posted.

Each week we gather in Cynthia's cozy little studio around her wood stove to critique and review what we did the past week (and hopefully we found time during the week to work on our pieces). Cynthia then gives us a lesson on the current week's topic before turning us loose to experiment. Last week's lesson was on texture: applying papers, mediums, and whatever else might provide interesting texture. For my main composition, I applied plaster, a thin band of cheesecloth, and some torn black and white paper. The evening in photos:

I did my homework during the week and this is what I'm taking for tonight's critique and feedback session.


stephanie brockway said...

That's great!

Kelly Z. said...


Bobbie said...

I love the texture and the deep colors on this!! Looks to be like a very fun class!