Sunday, April 15, 2012

Final Class: Abstraction Through Simplification

Thursday night was the final class of four with Cynthia Herron creating abstract landscapes. You can follow the links back to the first class by going here. The series of four classes were some of the best I have ever taken - I learned so much and had fun, too.

A little critique before our lesson.

Cynthia did a wonderful demo for us.

I still have SO much work to do, but I've got some paint on the canvas, ready to receive more paint, more color, and more . . . . .

Parting shots of Cynthia's cozy little studio.


Post script
In our first class, I created a big yellow sun as part of our focus on Abstraction Through Distortion. I never warmed up to what I had created, so I finally covered it over and played around with a lot of black. It was pretty bottom heavy, so I removed all of that paint using alcohol, then applied a colored gesso, and did a nice little landscape that I was happy with. Just thought it would be fun to share how easy it is to cover something (again and again if necessary) to come up with something acceptable.


Bobbie said...

Very cool....and an award to boot!!!! I really loved a couple of your endings.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You've gotten some really cool effects with all the layers of color showing through! Looks like a fun class.