Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wabi Sabi Wax

I had the privilege of spending the day with Serena Barton on Sunday taking her Wabi Sabi Wax class. Last year I took Serena's Wabi Sabi class, sans the wax, and loved it so much I came back for more this year with the luxurious addition of wax. I spent the day playing to my heart's little desire. I started about five pieces, and finished two. Here's how my day progressed, from Serena sharing her supplies, to her demos, to my attempts, and finally Show 'n Tell and my finished pieces.

Time for me to jump in!

At the end of the day Serena led us around the room for a time of Show 'n Tell. Here's Serena and a sampling of the other artist's work.

I believe these two are completed!


lynda Howells said...

omg l am so jealous...your work looks amazing. Have never heard of this before..what is the process or are you not allowed to talk about it? you are so lucky to live somewhere there are ao many talented artists. on a nother note..did you see l had sent you a "line or two" for your wall? if you don't like it or have no room..don't mindxxlynda

stephanie brockway said...

wow the bubbly piece with red and looks like distressed metal...i see wax in your future!

Carole K said...

How fun to set something on fire! Very fascinating, and looks like a great way to spend an autumn day. I love your adventures!

Serena Barton said...

Dayna, it was so great to have you in the class. Your pieces are gorgeous and I hope you continue with wax!

Thanks for taking these great pictures of our class. Hope to see you soon!


Joanna said...

Love what you made, Dayna! You accomplished so much in one day. It makes me want another encaustics class! I also considered taking this one, but already had "too many irons in the fire." Speaking of fire, it looks like you used a torch rather than an iron to fuse your wax layers.