Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tacoma Six Pack

I was in Tacoma last week to do an art project in my daughter's second grade classroom. After finishing the project, I headed to the theatre/antique district of Tacoma, where I made some wonderful discoveries.

London Couture Vintage

What a beautiful and hip store.

Glenna's Clothing (New/Designer-Resale/Vintage)

This was a beautifully organized store, jam packed with beautiful vintage and nicer resale clothing. Glenna, the store's namesake, does a beautiful job of displaying and promoting her store.

LBo Designs (Sweater art at it's finest)

By far my favorite shop of the day was LBo Designs, located inside Luna on Broadway. What a delightful find. Bo is amazingly creative and imaginative and her prices are great. Bo was so sweet, I want to share a little information about her:

Ever since she was a child, Bo has been making clothing and accessories from cast-off materials including bed linens, clothing, and remnants. Her work has suddenly become relevant as the rest of the world has finally caught up to her fashion recycling. Bo is inspired by color, texture, life in the Gritty City, and her two children.

When I got home, this wonderful cuff bracelet was tucked inside my bag with a happy birthday wish written on a card.

Sanford and Son (Antiques and Auctions)

Sanford and Son is a whopping 25,000 square feet of ambling walkways and three floors of rooms. Unfortunately there were a lot of empty spaces and at one time it was probably a pretty hoppin' place. However, in the lower level there were lots of religious artifacts out of a Catholic church, so although the pieces were expensive, they were sure fun to look at.

Rampart Antiques (More fun, less boring)

A great jumble of an antique store, my favorite kind. Glen Ripple is the owner and encouraged me to dig in and to feel free to make a pile!

Brownie Morrison (Novelties & Assorted Oddities)

Located inside of Rampart Antiques is Brownie Morrison, a wacky little store with a wacky little proprietor. Cindy Murphy is the owner and you can tell she loves what she does, loves people, and likes to laugh.


Carole K said...

Wow! What fun finds! You need to have a bus trip overnight to Tacoma. Probably about 10 people to ride along; the rest of the space for all the goodies to drag home! Love the clothing shops, and shoe shelves, especially.

Joanna said...

Love the colorful scarf you're wearing outside LBo Designs! Did you get it there, or were you already wearing it?

stephanie brockway said...

Wow those were some damm fine antiques!!!