Monday, October 10, 2011

Private Studio Tour: D & D

I have known Deanna White since taking an encaustic class from her several years ago. Recently, we were both on the Visual Artist Studio Tour, so we were unable to visit the studios of other artists. Deanna had an ingenious idea: to tour each other's studio. So we recently did that. Deanna came to my studio for a visit and then I got in my car and followed her out to her studio. Deanna's studio is located in her home - and her home is a beautiful estate in the country. Let's go inside first.

Some of the art in Deanna's studio.

Deanna graciously allowed me to snap a photo of her in her studio.

Here's a peek of her valley view, the grounds, her garden, and of her friendly kitty.

Before heading to Deanna's studio, she picked out four of my Curious Elements that she wanted to purchase. Well, after I saw her work, there were two that I wanted so we worked out a trade! Her art for my art. Perfect.

And look what I came home with.

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Carole K said...

What a wonderful studio she has-lots of happiness there...I love the wall colors, too--warm and inviting someone to make ART. Your dahlia bouquet is gorgeous. Have a great day!