Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Hands, Big Hearts

A few times a year I head north to the Tacoma area to lead an art activity in my daughter Melissa's elementary classroom. Last year she taught third graders, but this year she is teaching second graders -- oh my, what a difference a year makes! I chose a simple activity -- painting and embellishing smooth river rocks. My grandkids, Luke and Ella, attend the same school where Melissa teaches, so they enthusiastically helped me get things set up.

The morning was a blur of paint, glue, and sparkly things. The best quote of the day? When one little boy yelled out: We have glittery eyes and poofy balls! We had lots of both!

Time for our gallery walk!

The kids are already excited about the next time I come.


Carole K said...

Isn't it great how such a simple thing as paint and a few rocks can bring such joy? (and glittery eyes and poofy balls!) planting seeds of art...great job Gramma!

Sparkleblue Faery said...

I love teaching art projects to children! They are so excited and their enthusiasm is contagious!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind word. :)

lynda Howells said...

oh what a gorgeous entry Dayna. I smiled all the way throught it. Lovely to see Howard there too. The work was great and the smiles just wonderful. L love teaching and working with children of all ages but there are always so much fun, giggles and happiness in art classes like this. well done for doing it.xxlynda